Berkshire Bow by Collared Greens

On October 17, 2014, in Bowties, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Collared Greens

We spend a lot of time focusing on bowties that are a bit different than the norm, but sometimes you just have to stick with a classic.  Something silk with stripes, simple as that.  They always look good, and will never ever go out of style.  Today’s bowtie Friday pick is one of those bows.  It’s the Berkshire from Collared Greens.

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Burgundy Yorkshire Cardigan by Bonobos

On October 16, 2014, in Sweaters, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Bonobos

When it comes to cardigans, we’ve traditionally played it pretty safe and stuck with navy or grey.  Sure, there have been a few other colors in play from time to time, but navy and grey end up being the staples year in and year out.  Well, it looks like we may have a new mainstay this Fall with the Burgundy Yorkshire Cardigan from Bonobos.  As soon as we laid eyes on it, we knew the possibilities were endless.

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Mountain Weekend Vest by Vineyard Vines

On October 15, 2014, in Outerwear, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Vineyard Vines

Last week we talked about the urgent need for us to up our vest game.  Well, just one new vest isn’t to cut it.  Truth be told, this refresh is probably going to end up taking place over a few seasons.  Regardless, the need for something a bit sporty is definitely a high priority, and the Vineyard Vines Mountain Weekend Vest fits that bill nicely.

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PH Boot by Filson

On October 14, 2014, in Shoes, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Filson

This time of year, we tend to grab our trusty duck boots just about every time there is a chance for rain.  Unfortunately, many times they end up being overkill, and rarely do we want to wear them all day.  For days with a chance of rain, or those that we just want something a little more rugged than a pair of chukkas, the PH Boot from Filson might just be the perfect fit.

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Chambray Button Downs by Criquet

On October 13, 2014, in Shirts, by Ryan & Ben

Images: Criquet

When it comes to casual cool, the gents at Criquet nail it time and time again.  Their flagship Players polos are staples for us in the warm weather months, and as temperatures drop we break out their longs leeve polos and button downs regularly.  Well, we may have a new favorite long sleeve option from the boys in Austin thanks to their recently released Chambray Button Downs.

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Images: General Knot & Co.

While we realize most of you have probably turned your attention to football and hockey, we’re still riding the wave of Orioles playoff baseball here in Maryland and our bowtie Friday pick this week is a nod to our favorite team’s post season run.  Shoot, if we had tickets for tonight’s game we’d proudly sport it for the festivities.  This week’s pick is the Pendleton Shadow Plaid and Check Bow from General Knot & Co.

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Update: Barbour Hopper Jacket by Jack Spade

On October 9, 2014, in Outerwear, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Jack Spade

Last year Jack Spade teamed up with Barbour and released the Hopper Jacket.  We raved about it then, and have been kicking ourselves for not picking on up while they were still available.  This year the Hopper is back, and this version might be even harder to resist.

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Mariner Lined Shorts by Castaway

On October 8, 2014, in Shorts, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Castaway

Every year, as soon as Fall gets here, we find ourselves trying to break out our favorite shorts a couple of more times before they get put away for the season.  If you’re the same way, or one of those guys who wears shorts all year long temperatures be damned, we have a feeling you’ll love a recent addition to the Castaway lineup.  Take a look at their new Mariner Lined Shorts.

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Tonal Glen Plaid Suit by Indochino

On October 7, 2014, in Suits, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Indochino

Even if you don’t have to suit up often, you should always be ready to go should the need arise.  In fact, we’d take that one step farther and say that beyond the basic suits that you probably picked up for your first big job interview, you need to have one or two with a bit more character.  For us, the recently released Tonal Glen Plaid suit from Indochino fits that bill perfectly.

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Hudson Vest by Buffalo Jackson

On October 6, 2014, in Outerwear, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Buffalo Jackson

This weekend we went full bore into Fall.  We’re talking pumpkin patch visit, fresh apple cider, and even a PSL stop (for the Mrs. of course).  One thing that became glaringly obvious in our travels is that we need to up our vest game in a serious way.  High on the list of possible options is the Hudson Vest from Buffalo Jackson.

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