Great River Flag

On August 25, 2020, in Events, by Ryan & Ben


Hey friends, we aren’t planning on coming out of retirement just yet, but I’ve got a story that is too good for me not to tell. Last month, our friend Micah (founder of Old Try) shot me a text asking if I’d be up for a socially distanced beer as he was planning on passing through Annapolis a week or so later. He’s one of those friends that you see sparingly, yet once you catch each other up on the family, life, work, etc., you fall right back in where you left off last time. Since our journey as friends started way back when Bowties & Boatshoes was in full swing, the conversation always manages to steer towards Old Try and me asking what he has planned next. That discussion then lead to a design of his that is literally going to be in the history books.

In case you didn’t know, Mississippi is currently replacing their state flag. Micah, being an Ole Miss grad, and absolutely fantastic creator was planning on submitting an entry. I picked his brain about what he felt was important in a flag, and, of course, talked about just how incredible our own state flag is.  At that point, he was working around a number of ideas and was excited to start getting some things on paper (screen?) when he got back to Boston a few days later. The way Micah spoke about how important it was to him, and the care he was taking to make sure his design was something that would truly represent a place he loves as well as the people who hail from there was truly inspiring. Now, a few short weeks after nearly 3,000 entries were submitted,  two remain.  Want to guess who designed one of them?  That’s right, our buddy Micah from Old Try!  I’d love to spend some time telling you about all of the symbolism in this beautiful design, but I can’t even begin to hold a candle to the site that’s already dedicated to doing just that, so head on over to to learn more.

Hope y’all are well!



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