Congratulations USNA class of 2015

On May 22, 2015, in Uncategorized, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Google Images

Today we’re taking a break from our usual Bowtie Friday post to say congratulations.  Congratulations to the United States Naval Academy class of 2015.  We’ve watched you grow from afar ever since you hit Annapolis for Plebe Summer and wish every last one of you the best as you embark on the next step of your military career.  Congratulations, and thank you in advance for all that you’ll do.

-Ryan & Ben


Garment-Dyed Levi’s 501s by Sid Mashburn

On May 21, 2015, in Pants, by Ryan & Ben

Images: Sid Mashburn

We’ve tiptoed into the world of colored denim a time or two over the years, and we’re yet to find a pair that can stay in the rotation for an entire season.  To be honest, we thought we were done trying, but it looks like we’ll be giving it another whirl this Summer.  This time around we’re going straight to a source that has yet to steer us wrong with a single purchase, Sid Mashburn.  They have a few pairs of Garment-Dyed Levi’s 501s that have really piqued our attention.

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USA Dopp by Blue Claw Co.

On May 20, 2015, in Accessories, Bags, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Blue Claw Co.

Earlier this week we got an email from our buddies over at Blue Claw asking if we were interested in helping spread the word about a limited time Memorial Day offer they were cooking up.  We learned a bit more, and today we’re happy to help announce the release of their limited edition USA Dopp.  From now until next Wednesday, whenever Blue Claw sells one of these dopps, they’ll also send one to a sailor aboard the USS Donald Cook.

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Nantucket Reds by Murray’s Toggery Shop

On May 19, 2015, in Classics, Pants, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Murray’s Toggery

Yesterday, for the first time in what felt like ages, we broke out our trusty Nantucket Reds.  Now, we aren’t talking about “Nantucket Red” pants, we’re talking about the real deal Reds straight from the source, Murray’s Toggery.  Guys, if these aren’t in your rotation yet, you are absolutely missing out.

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Tab Swim Shorts by J. Crew

On May 18, 2015, in Swim, by Ryan & Ben

Image: J. Crew

For many, this weekend is going to mark the beginning of beach season.  Hopefully, you’ve already taken stock of your current swimwear rotation and you know where the holes are (literally and figuratively).  If you haven’t, get to it.  Whether you need some replacements, or just a pair or two to augment your collection, the Tab Swim Shorts from J. Crew are a fantastic fit.

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Linen Stripe Bows by Southern Proper

On May 15, 2015, in Bowties, by Ryan & Ben

Images: Southern Proper

Though just about everyone knows about Southern Proper‘s fantastic silk bowties, we’re shocked how many people don’t know that their bowtie collection expands beyond the fun ties we’ve all come to know and love. In fact, we’d argue that some of their more traditional bows will probably see heavier wear in most guys’ rotations than the printed silks.  One that will certainly see heavy wear from us this Summer is their Linen Stripe Bow.

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Pawleys by Costa

On May 13, 2015, in Eyewear, by Ryan & Ben

Images: Costa

On the coast of South Carolina, just about an hour south of Myrtle Beach, you’ll find a sleepy island called Pawleys.  They have a great little tavern, and not much more.  In other words, it’s a perfect place to go and recharge the batteries for a few days.  Of course, for a few days on the coast a proper pair of sunglasses is a necessity, and for those low key trips you can’t go wrong with a pair of Costa Pawleys.

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Players Shirts by Criquet

On May 12, 2015, in Shirts, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Criquet

Guys, we need to have a talk.  We’re the first to admit that there are times and places that peacocking is okay, and we’ve definitely been known to take a few liberties with our attire on the golf course from time to time, but the amount of people we saw who thought they were Rickie Fowler on the course yesterday was absolutely absurd.  It’s time to retire the flat brims and ridiculous color combinations fellas.  If you must include some bright colors on the course, we’d recommend doing it like Rory and limiting the neon to one piece.  For us, we’re once again turning to our friends at Criquet Shirts for most of our rounds this year.  Seriously, their Players Polos are downright awesome.

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Tall Boys by Chubbies

On May 11, 2015, in Shorts, by Ryan & Ben

Images: Chubbies

For quite some time, we stayed away from Chubbies.  We thought they were too short for regular wear, and decided it was best to avoid the temptation of trying them out.  Well, we finally took the plunge a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back since.  If you’re still on the fence about that 5.5″ inseam but want to add some Chubbies awesomeness to your closet, you’re in luck.  Just this weekend they unveiled the Tall Boys.

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1970s Multicolor Plaid Bow by Mill City Fineries

On May 8, 2015, in Bowties, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Mill City Fineries

After a week away, we’re back for Bowtie Friday.  Now that it feels like Summer is here to stay (yes we know it technically isn’t here yet), we’re breaking out lightweight bows as often as possible.  We’re also adding more and more color with each passing today.  Today’s pick brings both to the table, it’s the 1970s Multicolor Plaid Bow from Mill City Fineries.

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