The Winston Set by Harry’s

On April 2, 2013, in Grooming, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Harry’s

Ever since Warby Parker turned the eyewear world upside down by offering great looking glasses at extremely affordable prices directly to consumers others have been trying to replicate their success across other mediums.  Some have had some solid success of their own, others have faltered a bit, and we’re sure there are a number of companies waiting in the wings for their big break.  One company that seems to be following the Warby Parker model just so happens to be able to list one of the guys behind Warby Parker as a co-founder.  It’s called Harry’s and they make some great shaving products.

At only $25, we decided that we would go all out with our first Harry’s order and pick up a Winston set which is made up of three blades, a tube of Harry’s shave cream, and a Winston handle.  The handle is crafted from precision-grade aluminum, and the weight and feel is far better than anything that you’ll get with a typical disposable razor.  Harry’s shave cream is a blend of natural ingredients that lathers quite well, and has a subtle scent that is a nice departure from some of the more overpowering options out there. Featuring a “gothic arch” design, the blades are made to be strong at the base and sharp at the tip for an extra close shave.  Trust us, this isn’t just a marketing ploy, the shave you’ll get from a Harry’s blade is one of, if not the, closet shave we’ve ever gotten from a disposable blade.  From the craftsmanship of each piece in their collection, to the well executed packaging, to prices that can’t be beat, we’re extremely impressed with what Harry’s has to offer, and think you will be too.


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