Stocking Stuffer Wednesday’s Part 3

On December 15, 2010, in Kids, by Ryan & Ben

There are millions of options when it comes to stocking stuffers for kids, but if you are looking for something with a bit of ‘prep’ to it, your search may prove a bit harder than you thought.  With younger siblings, nieces and nephews, or children of your own to buy for, the list below has some great options for any little one that is on your list.

1.  Pre-tied BB#1Striped Bow Tie by Brooks Brothers ($29.50):  How could kick off our kids list with this one?  Some kids may scoff at the idea of a bowtie in their stocking, but after a little lesson on the ‘preppy’ lifestyle, we are confident that they will be breaking it out whenever they can.

2.  Flannel Lounge Pants by Vineyard Vines ($32):  A great way to show the kids in your life that pajamas for Christmas aren’t always a bad thing.  Available in multiple colors and prints for boys and girls these pants are a great option for a lazy day around the house.

3.  Monogrammed Onesies by Alphabet Soup ($16): Let’s face it, newborns don’t have a ton of options when it comes to clothing.  Sure there are a ton of cute outfits out there, but they spend their days in onesies.  Why not get them started on the right path with a classic monogram.  They have to learn their letters somehow, right?

4.  Girls Endless Neon Ponyball by J. Crew Crewcuts ($16.50):  Think rubber band ball meets hair bands.  This bright ball made entirely of neon of hair bands is sure to be a bit with any little girl who is rocking a ponytail.

5.  Gift Cards:  Honestly, we aren’t a huge fan of gift cards except when it comes to kids.  Have you ever seen a child in a store with a gift card?  It is like a whole new world for them to have the power to pick whatever they want because it is their gift card.  If you give one, make sure you accompany the kid to the store when they go to use it.  You won’t be disappointed.


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