Crab Needlepoint Belt by Asher Riley

On February 18, 2014, in Belts, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Asher Riley

When it comes to needlepoint belts, we tend to be pretty picky about which get added to our collection.  Sure, there are one or two that probably shouldn’t have come home with us, and there are others that we regret not pulling the trigger on (looking at you Augusta National belt we didn’t pick up when we had the chance), but, for the most part, we feel like we’ve made some pretty solid picks over the years.  Recently, we laid eyes on the Asher Riley Crab Needlepoint belt, it’s definitely getting added into the rotation.

With a leather backing, full grain leather tabs, and a brass buckle, the Asher Riley Crab Needlepoint belt is primed to replace our trusty nautical flags belt this Summer.  Featuring our favorite Summer delicacy (we use that word pretty loosely), on a deep blue background, this is one of those belts that will look great with just about anything.  While the Crab belt will be the first Asher Riley in our collection, we have a feeling it won’t be the last.  The fact that we can have a custom design made for the same price as an off the rack belt is something that we probably won’t be able to resist much longer.


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