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In our younger years, St. Patrick’s Day was all about finding the cheapest and greenest beer in town.  Those days aren’t too far behind us, but now we find ourselves far more interested in sipping on a fine Irish Whiskey this weekend than pounding neon green Coors Lights. If you are in the same boat, a great flask will definitely come in handy over the next couple of days.  Our favorite flask for St. Patrick’s Day festivities remains the Clover Needlepoint version from our friends at Smathers & Branson.  The post below originally ran on St. Patrick’s Day of 2011.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and, if your plans are anything like ours, your day is probably going to involve tipping back a few pints of Guinness, or enjoying your favorite Irish whiskey.  If you tend to lean towards the likes of Jameson or Bushmills, a high quality flask is a must have.  If you are on the market, and want to relive the memories of St. Patrick’s Day all year round, take a look at the Clover Needlepoint Flask ($65) from Smathers and Branson.

Each Smathers and Branson flask starts off with as your basic 6oz. stainless steel flask.  From there, the staples that Smathers and Branson is known for, needlepoint and leather, are added to make these flasks truly unique.  If the clover design (shown) isn’t for you, don’t worry there are nearly 20 additional designs available, and if your really want to personalize your flask, you can add a monogram (options include block, fancy script, and nautical flags) for only $35.  While it may be frowned upon to pull out a flask in your local watering hole, if you are going to take the risk, at least make sure you look good doing it.


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