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Compared to our neighbors to the North, winters here in Annapolis are pretty easy.  Sure, we may get a bit of snow from time to time, and we may have a few weeks out of the year when the highs don’t get much above freezing, but for the most part we can get away with heavy socks and unlined boots all winter long.  That being said, even though heavy socks are normally enough, it never hurts to be prepared.  Thanks to a recent addition to the L.L. Bean Signature line, it looks like we might be “preparing” this year with a pair of Waxed Canvas Shearling Lined Maine Hunting Shoes.

The unlined Waxed Canvas Hunting Shoes have become our go to option for any weather that our Bean mocs can’t handle, but they may be getting a reprieve from snow duty this year thanks to their shearling lined counterpart.  Currently available with a black 12 inch upper, these boots are made to stand up to even the harshest of conditions.  With the tried and true Bean rubber lower and chain-link sole, the Waxed Canvas Shearling Lined Hunting Shoes will keep your feet firmly planted and plenty dry no matter how bad things get.  Is it bad we’re hoping for an extra cold winter solely so these boots can get some serious wear?


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