Small Business Saturday!

On November 24, 2012, in Events, Shop Profiles, by Ryan & Ben

Images: Laurance Clothing and The Quinntessential Gentleman

We normally run for the hills when it comes to “holidays” that are pioneered by corporations, today is an exception to that rule. Started in 2010 with a huge backing from American Express, Small Business Saturday is one of those holidays that we wish would come every month. Many of the items we feature here at Bowties & Boatshoes come from small businesses, and we love that most of them can only be found in small local retailers as opposed to large national chain stores. In celebration of Small Business Saturday, we thought it was only right that we head back into the archives to revisit two of our favorite local small businesses, Laurance Clothing in Annapolis and The Quinntessential Gentleman in Baltimore. Will you be out celebrating Small Business Saturday today? Where?

Our feature on Laurance originally ran on March 25, 2011

When you prefer brands that aren’t readily available at the local mall, a quality men’s store is a necessity. While you can always find what you are looking for online, the ability to actually try something on and really see what it looks like in person is crucial if you are on the fence about an upcoming purchase. Since we are close to both Washington, DC and Baltimore, there are plenty of great men’s stores for us to choose from. That being said, one of our absolute favorites is Laurance Clothing right here in Annapolis, MD.

Laurance has been a mainstay in downtown Annapolis for 40 years, and with their fantastic selection of goods we fully expect them to be around for at least 40 more. Their shelves are stocked with our favorites from Barbour, Bills Khaki’s, Southern Proper, Southern Tide, Smathers & Branson, and Vineyard Vines just to name a few. Honestly, nearly everything in the store could find it’s way on to Bows & Boats at one point or another and it probably will. If you ever find yourself in Annapolis, we highly recommend heading to the top of Main Street to visit, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Our feature on The Quinntessential Gentleman originally ran on December 9, 2010

Like we have said before, if you aren’t well groomed, you aren’t going to make a good impression. Unfortunately, if you are a guy who is looking for a little more than what your typical barber shop has to offer, you are often stuck going to a women’s salon, or simply grinning and bearing it at your local discount hair studio. Luckily, over the last few years, we have noticed a trend of “Men’s Grooming Parlors” popping up in large cities throughout the US. One of our favorites is The Quinntessential Gentleman in Baltimore, MD.

With an array of services ranging from haircuts and straight razor shaves to massages and manicures, The Quinntessential Gentleman is definitely a step up from your neighborhood barbershop (Seriously, check out that picture). Though their lineup of services is great, one thing that really makes The Quinntessential Gentleman stick out from their competition is their fantastic array of wares for sale. Of course, their selection of grooming products is top notch (Jack Black, Baxter, Truefitt & Hill, etc.), but their selection of accessories is even better. Honestly, how many places can you get your haircut, and still pick up a bowtie and a briefcase? With brands like Carrot & Gibbs, Smathers and Branson, and Southern Proper, The Quinntessential Gentleman is worth the trip even if you don’t need a trim.


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