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On May 19, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Yeti Coolers

We originally posted about the Yeti Roadie 25 on June 30th of last year.  11 months later, we are yet to find a cooler that can even hold a candle to a Yeti, and with Memorial Day weekend on the horizon now is the perfect time to upgrade if you haven’t already.  Unfortunately, it appears that the Roadie 25 isn’t available in the Yeti store right now, so if you are looking for something right away, we’d recommend the Roadie 20 or the Tundra 35.

A long day at the beach can be pretty draining, so if you are planning on being there from dawn to dusk you are going to need to make sure to take some sustenance.  While chips and most snacks will stand up to the elements, sandwiches and drinks don’t stand a chance against the hot summer sun.  Since there isn’t much worse than a warm beer, a cooler is always on our list of beach necessities.  There are a ton of great options out there, but if you really want to go all out, we recommend the Roadie 25 ($219.99) by Yeti Coolers.

We aren’t saying that the Roadie 25 was made for a day of drinking, but even Yeti mentions that this cooler was made with long neck bottles in mind.  That being said, we prefer cans for a day at the beach, and this cooler will keep nearly a case cold for days at a time.  Made of extremely durable polyethylene, the cooler features two inches of foam insulation to make sure all of the contents truly remain ice cold.  So the cold doesn’t escape, and the sand doesn’t sneak in, the Roadie 25 features a leak proof drain plug, and a sealing gasket as nice as the one that is on the freezer in your kitchen.  Whatever you pack for a day at the beach, you can rest assured that there isn’t a cooler out there that is going to keep things colder for longer than a Yeti.


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