Multi-Plaid Classic Bow by General Knot & Co.

On January 27, 2012, in Bowties, by Ryan & Ben

One of our favorite parts about Bowtie Friday is the thrill of the hunt.  You wouldn’t believe how many ties we look at before deciding on one to post, but sifting through lots of good to find great is never a bad way to pass the time, and we certainly aren’t complaining.  Apparently, our new friends over at General Knot & Co. have a soft spot for the thrill of the hunt as well.  In fact, the majority of their fabrics come from estate sales, vintage finds, and auctions across the country.  That said, the fabric for this week’s Bowtie Friday pick, their Multi-Plaid Classic Bow ($68), actually came from a tailor shop in New York City that is run by a friend of theirs.

Made of 100% cotton shirting, the Multi-Plaid Classic Bow is crafted out of a pair of “brother” fabrics, meaning the design is identical, but obviously the color palette is not.  While we would certainly wear a bow made of either colorway, the combination of the two is just fantastic.  To be honest, we tend to lean heavily on one side or the other for most of our reversible bows, but the Multi-Plaid Classic is absolutely one that will see heavy use both ways. Even though this one is probably more suited for Spring wear, it is going to be tough not to tie this bow on once or twice before the weather warms up.


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