Blue Carters by Jack Donnelly

On July 7, 2015, in Uncategorized, by Ryan & Ben

Image: Jack Donnelly

So far this Summer, our ‘go to hell’ pants collection has stayed in the closet for the most part.  Sure, we’ve broken out some serious color from time to time, but compared to years past things have been relatively tame for us.  That said, our ‘go to heck’* collection has been seeing some serious wear.  Not sure what we mean by ‘go to heck’?  We’re talking about pants that aren’t your standard khaki or navy, but that aren’t so loud that you’ll get comments from random passers by.  A perfect example is a pair of Blue Carters from Jack Donnelly.

We’ve been fans of the Carters for quite some time, and the blue might just be our favorite color yet.  It’s definitely different, but not so much so that it can’t be part of the regular rotation this Summer.  Made from 6oz. 100% cotton fine line drill, these pants are the perfect choice for a warm day, but they aren’t so thin that you’ll be a wrinkled mess before lunch.  Available in slim and hybrid fits, the Carters come with an unfinished 39″ inseam, so you’ll need to take a quick trip to your favorite tailor before hitting the town.  This year we may even take them hem up just a touch more than normal to show a bit more ankle.  Why not?


*Credit for the ‘go to heck’ category name goes to our buddy JRS at Red Clay Soul.


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